Daniel Fast {2} 5-Day Menus with Recipes

So you’re about to embark on a Daniel Fast? Panicking a little? Don’t worry, that’s normal.

Switching up your eating routine can be very nerve-wracking. In the midst of all of your normal day-to-day activities you now have to become an expert on all things nutrition and meal planning. Want to know the #1 thing you can do to ensure success in any new eating plan?…..PLAN AHEAD. Easier said than done, yeah?

Lucky for you I’ve compiled some of my favorite recipes that are Daniel Fast compliant! These recipes are not my own but are the works of genius bloggers from around the world. Better yet, I’ve put together two 5-day eating plans to help you with the planning part. I’m sure this is not the 1st meal plan you’ve seen so you’ll notice that something is a bit different about mine.

Another key to success: Plan far enough ahead that you don’t have to cook every day. That’s right, eating healthy doesn’t mean cooking every single meal every single day.

Utilize batch cooking and enjoy those leftovers! You’ll notice one of my favorite ways to enjoy leftovers is to throw them on a bed of lettuce… makes the perfect salad EVERY TIME. Alright, ready for those meal plans? Yes? Yes!

Looks delicious right? I just ate and I’m already hungry again #dietitianproblems Below you will find a link to all of the recipes used. Notice: If a recipe uses a small amount of sweetener such as honey or maple syrup feel free to omit it.

Banana Bread Overnight Oats with Be Whole + Be You

Blueberry Quinoa Power Bowl with U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council

Cold Rice Salad for Fall with This Grandma Is Fun

One Pan Mexican Quinoa with Damn Delicious

Mango Smoothie Bowl with Downshiftology

Savory Spinach Cauliflower Oats with The Every Kitchen

Early Morning Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal with Oh She Glows

Thai Red Curry with Vegetables with Cookie + Kate

Avocado Chickpea Salad Collard Wraps with Emilie Eats

Ready for week #2? Let’s do this thing!

Farro Cherry Walnut Salad from Ruth Cousineau and Cooking Light

Vegetarian Sweet Potato Noodles Stir Fry with Whole and Heavenly Oven {Find pre-spiralized sweet potatoes at Ruby’s Market}

Strawberry Infused Quinoa Breakfast Cereal with Simply Quinoa

Southwest Roasted Potato Salad with Aberdeen’s Kitchen. {Add some black beans to the recipe for some added protein}

Potato and Pepper Scramble with Avocado with Kale Me Maybe

Loaded Lentil Salad with Hummusapien

Green Goddess Bowl with Spinach for Breakfast

Snacks! Let’s not forget about snacks! Here are some of my favorites…

Trail mix (without the chocolate chips and M&M’s) Aim for mixes with walnuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Ruby’s and several of our Price Cutter stores have bulk bins so you can buy exactly the amount you need.

All nuts and seeds. These are the perfect grab and go snack and the heart-healthy fats keep you full until your next meal. Again utilize those bulk aisles in our stores.

Vegetables dipped in hummus or guacamole. Don’t want to chop those fruits and veggies? Our Chop Shop at Ruby’s Market will do all the prep work for you!

Larabars. Not all of these will be compliant but most simply have 3-4 ingredients. ‘Approved’ varieties include Apple pie, PB&J, Coconut cream pie, Lemon bar, Cashew cookie, Chocolate coconut cashew, and my favorite, Peanut butter cookie.

Pressed by KIND all varieties

There are many other options but that’s a start!

For more recipe and snack ideas visit our Pinterest page at Eat Well Dietitians and check out our Daniel Fast board. Stop by Ruby’s Market for a shopping list print out with over 150 compliant items!

Good luck on this journey!