Kid-approved Recipes

It seems a dairy product is always among the top of people’s favorite foods lists…cheese anyone? Dairy is one of the most versatile food groups. You can enjoy dairy as a drink, a dip, a topping for your favorite dish, and even dessert! Dairy products boast many health benefits. Protein, though mainly found in meat, […]

Northwest Cherry Crumble Bars

cher·ry /ˈCHerē/ noun cherry a small, round stone fruit that is typically bright or dark red that will stain your hands and clothes when you pit them Those cherries look delicious don’t they? I started on the crust to this recipe and it was pain free, simple, took no time at all, you get the […]

No-Bake Blueberry Bars

Summertime means stress-free cooking, fresh flavors, and lots of sunshine! These no-bake blueberry bars are so simple to prepare and are bursting with the fresh taste of summer. Not to mention they look spectacular! As a Dietitian, I spend a lot of my time teaching clients how to identify sugar in foods and how to […]

3-Ingredient Fudgesicles

Warmer weather is here to stay for a while and it is the perfect time to enjoy a refreshing treat.  Growing up I loved having popsicles and fudgesicles in the summertime, and I still do. I decided to look at the nutrition facts of my favorite fudgesicles and I was shocked to see 3 types […]