Wild about these Blues

  Independence Day is just around the corner! One of my favorite holidays! This one is easy because you can show up to a party with a cut watermelon and look like a star. Fruit is typically a first choice for the holiday gathering because our favorites are in season and they’re an easy crowd […]

Avocado Love

If you missed our Avocado classes this month, do not fear! The best part about our Eat Well classes is that we get to recipe test and truly find the best of the best when it comes to what tastes good. Some are excellent, and some are flops, but that’s just the kitchen days right? […]

Kid-approved Recipes

It seems a dairy product is always among the top of people’s favorite foods lists…cheese anyone? Dairy is one of the most versatile food groups. You can enjoy dairy as a drink, a dip, a topping for your favorite dish, and even dessert! Dairy products boast many health benefits. Protein, though mainly found in meat, […]

Korean Style Pork Chops

Just a quick share here from dinner tonight! When I find a recipe that keeps the kids asking for more that is how I classify it as a “hit!” I’m also a super fan of recipes where I have the ingredients on hand, because taking 3 boys into a store…not happening for this girl. Hope […]

Coconut Chia Pudding

It’s taken me a while to warm up to chia seeds I will admit. They are packed with powerful anti-inflammatory omega 3’s and fiber but the consistency is an issue for some. I’ve started sprinkling them on my oatmeal or toast for an easy nutrition boost. This easy recipe was my first attempt at making […]

Chilean Citrus Recipe Roundup

Eating local produce is a great way to support local farmers and the economy. Unfortunately fruits and vegetables are seasonal meaning we can’t grown them year round locally. At times we can source fruits and vegetables from other parts of the country but often we utilize the counter-seasons of other countries, like Chile, to ensure […]