Wild about these Blues


Independence Day is just around the corner! One of my favorite holidays! This one is easy because you can show up to a party with a cut watermelon and look like a star. Fruit is typically a first choice for the holiday gathering because our favorites are in season and they’re an easy crowd pleaser.

I’ve collected a few holiday-themed recipes that are easy to execute and even easier to devour. As a busy Mom of 3 boys I don’t have the luxury of time to stand in the kitchen all day that’s why I love these. Easy! Also, they use my top favorite fruits that my kiddo’s eat easily and without a fight.

A common theme in these red, white and blue dishes are BLUEBERRIES! In season right now and of course packed with antioxidants! In simple terms, antioxidants are chemical compounds that protect our cells from free radical damage. Free radical damage occurs from tobacco smoke, pollutants, stress and a host of other things. These free radicals are linked to heart disease, cancer and many other inflammatory states in the body so anything to combat that we want! And the baby blues deliver quite an antioxidant punch.

Other foods that tout antioxidants are artichokes, beans, berries, pecans, cinnamon, black tea, bananas, tomatoes and more!

Enough about the endless antioxidant benefit… Let’s get to the recipes!

Star Spangled Kabobs

This one is almost too easy! The trickiest part was simply cutting the watermelon into discs so it could be easily cut with my star cookie cutter. After you cut the melon you simply use a kabob stick and add your blueberries! Cute, easy and nutritious!

Patriotic Toast

Again! Easy, easy, easy! I’m all about the toast lately it seems, but I’m such a fan of loading it up with my favorites and getting creative with it. This one hardly needs an explanation. I used a whole wheat toast and topped it with Chobani Vanilla Yogurt or you can use a natural peanut butter. Watch those ingredient labels! You want peanuts and salt in your nut butter. No need for those extra fillers. Then washed cut fresh fruit! My kiddo’s think this is super fun for breakfast.

This one…oh man. Of course after my recipe testing I couldn’t finish off all of these so I took them to my office. Gone in less than 2 minutes and I had them trickling in later asking for more! That’s when you know they’re good. All I did here was wash and halve the strawberries. Then I mixed 4 oz (1/2 block) of cream cheese with 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and a just a touch of almond extract. I piped the mixture onto the strawberries and topped them with a couple blueberries.

Tip: I did decide to cut a bit of the strawberry on the side they lay on so they would lay flat. Of course, saving these precious pieces for smoothies later.

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites