Lent Recipe Roundup

The Lenten season is upon us, which means, for some of you, the main dish on Friday can no longer include the beloved New York Strip steak.  It can be a struggle, especially here in the Midwest where farmland stretches for miles, to abstain from beef, lamb, pork, and poultry each Friday before Easter.  Fear […]


If you are new to spiralizing fruits and veggies you are not alone. This was my first experience to try anything like this, even after recommending it to patients in the clinic for years! When I’d see clients working to control their blood sugar I’d encourage this method to keep within their carbohydrate allotment and […]

A Dietitian’s Top New Year’s Tips

Here we are again! Another year passed and a fresh new beginning is upon us. I hear from customers, friends, and family that they are (once again) pledging to make this their healthiest year yet, will finally start exercising, and WILL lose those extra pounds. As a Dietitian, I get excited about anything that brings […]