Kid-approved Recipes

It seems a dairy product is always among the top of people’s favorite foods lists…cheese anyone? Dairy is one of the most versatile food groups. You can enjoy dairy as a drink, a dip, a topping for your favorite dish, and even dessert!

Dairy products boast many health benefits. Protein, though mainly found in meat, is found in dairy as well. Protein is essential for maintaining muscle and helps keep you full. 1 glass of milk contains about 10% of potassium, a nutrient that helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Dairy is also one of the few foods that provide us with vitamin D, a vitamin that many Americans are deficient in. When you enjoy a cup of yogurt, a sprinkle of cheese, or a cold glass of milk you are also gaining calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and niacin all of which are important nutrients!

Lactose intolerant?

Lactose is the type of sugar naturally found in milk. Some may not be able to process high amounts of lactose which can cause digestive issues.  This doesn’t mean you have to avoid dairy products all-together, you may be able to tolerate low amounts of lactose. Low-fat cottage cheese, cheddar, swiss, and mozzarella cheese contain very small amounts of lactose. Also, some are able to tolerate yogurt due to the live cultures present. If you are highly sensitive to lactose there are lactose-free milk brands available to you as well, the most popular being Lactaid and FairLife.

Below are some of our favorite kid-approved recipes. We hope you enjoy them! Want even more inspiration? Check out more recipes from our friends at Midwest dairy here.

For Breakfast

Berry Yogurt Parfait Pancakes with Midwest Dairy

Egg and Mozzarella Breakfast Pizza with Midwest Dairy

For Lunch

Ham it Up Pita Pockets with Midwest Dairy

Pita Pizza Faces with Midwest Dairy

For Dinner

BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Foil Packets with Midwest Dairy

Confetti Quesadillas with Midwest Dairy

For Fun!

Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bark with Veggie Desserts

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse with My Fussy Eater